Do I have to pay to use WAMA?

It depends by the amount of data that you need to store. Click here to view all the plans with the relevant usage limitations.

Why do I have to pay to use WAMA?

The WAMA mission is to facilitate the warehouse management. A typical warehouse management software has several disandvantages:

  • Licence costs
  • Installation costs
  • Support costs
  • Customised hardware (palm devices, servers, custom barcode readers)
  • Costs to update the software and the hardware
  • Energy costs to power servers and devices

In WAMA all the data is synced on cloud servers. The App can be installed on any Android device or used through any computer or tablet able to browse the internet. The app is automatically updated with bug fixes and new features without any manual intervention by the user and offers online support. Everything is included in a monthly subscription to support all the costs to allow us to offer the services.

Does a FREE version of the app exist?

Yes! The FREE version of the app has all the functionalities of the paid versions but with some data usage limitations.

How can I subscribe to the FREE version of the app?

When you first register to WAMA you will automatically be assigned to the FREE plan.

How can I know what is my current plan and the relevant usage limitations?

Access the subscription settings or click here

What happens when I reach the plan usage limits?

Each plan has a different type of usage limitation. e.g we consider the number of products, once the number of products have reached the limit it will not be possible to create new products. To re-enable the creation of products you will need to subscribe to the next subscription or you have to delete existing products.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with a debit card or credit card. The monthly subscription cost is charged automatically.

How can I disable my subscription?

The paid subscription plans can be disabled at any time by using the button in the subscription section. The subscription will expire at the end of the paid period.

How can I remove my payment card?

In the subscription section click on the “Cards” tab to view and remove your payment cards.

What happens if the payment fails?

If the payment fails for any reason (card not valid or expired, not enough funds available…) you will automatically be assigned to the FREE plan with the relevant usage limit.

What happens if I want to change plan before the end of the current subscription?

  • If your current subscription is the free plan then you will be charged the cost of the new plan.
  • If your current plan is a paid plan and you are changing to a more expensive plan, you receive a credit for the unused portion of the old plan and are billed for only the remainder of the month for the new plan.

None of the plans adapts to my needs?

If you have different requirements that are not covered by any of the plan contact us at [email protected] we are happy to help you and discuss your requirements.

Where I can find the invoice for the paid subscription

In the subscription settings section click on the Invoice tab to view and download all your invoices. The invoice is available only for paid subscriptions.

Where I can find the WAMA VAT number to account the subscription invoices

The company that provides the app WAMA is:

fullstack3 limited
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU
United Kingdom

All the information about the company can be found on the UK government company house website The company fullstack3 limited is not registered for VAT so no we cannot provide a VAT number. Please check with your accountant how to register the invoice for a UK company not registered for VAT.