Users and roles

Create a new user

Section: Settings > Employees

In the employees section you will need to fill the form with all the employee information then click on Send invite button, an email will be sent to the employee with a link to activate an account. The employee will be asked to choose a password before he/she will be able to login.

Employee creation

If needed it is possible to re-send the invitation email to the employee by clicking on the button with the mail icon in the employees list at the bottom of the page

Edit existing user

At the bottom of the Employees page are listed all the users of the company, by clicking on the pencil button it is possible to edit the user information.

Employee creation

Roles access rights

Three roles are available in WAMA:

  • Administrator
  • Warehouse Operator
  • Sales Operator
  • Warehouse Assistant

The Administrator role authorises the user to access all the functionalities.

The following table shows the access rights of each role.

Section Administrator Warehouse Operator Sales Operator Warehouse Assistant
Products - View
Products - Change quantity
Products - Create
Products - Edit
Products - Delete
Categories - View
Categories - Create
Categories - Edit
Categories - Delete
Suppliers - View
Suppliers - Create
Suppliers - Edit
Suppliers - Delete
Pos - Create/Edit/Delete
Pos - View other point of sales
Sales orders
Sales orders - Delete
Stock transfer - View
Warehouse settings
Company settings
Point of sales