Customer price list

The customer price list allows to group customers into price list and calculate automatically the product selling price for each customer group base on customisable rules.

This feature is not available to the users with the FREE plan, it is however available for all the users with any paid plan.

Activation of the price list functionality

Section: Settings > Modules > Activate Customers Price List

Customers Price list is an optional feature and can be activated in the Modules section.

Price list module

Creation of a price list

Section: Products > Customer Price List

Go to the products page and click on the three dots menu to access the Customer price list

Access price list creation

Click on Create new Price List button the following popup will be shown

New customer price list

  • Name: Is the name used to identify the price list, it is usually the name of the customer group (e.g. premium, loyal)
  • Code: Is a mandatory field that cannot contain spaces. It can be generated automatically from the price list name by clicking on Generate code from name
  • Discount percentage (%): Is the percentage of discount to apply to the selling price of the product.
  • Is discount: When this switch is active the percentage will be subtracted from the selling price (discount), when is off the percentage will be added to the selling price (price increase)

Click on Save to create the new Customer Price List

View product prices

Section: Products > Click on a product > Customer Price List

Go to the product details page and click on the three dots menu to access the Customer price list

Product details Price list menu

The price of each customer price list is calculated automatically, it is also displayed the percentage of discount/increase and the absolute value of discount/increase compared to the original selling price that is shown as first with the grey background.

Product prices

Associate a price list to the customer

Section: Customers > Click on a customer > Click on edit customer

All the customers price list previously created will be selectable in the customer Price list dropdown menu. Pick the price list and click on Save. Associate a price list to the customer

Using the price list when creating a sales order

When creating a sales order at the time of the selection of the customer the order prices will be recalculated accordingly to the customer price list. If no price list is associated to the customer the default selling price will be used